Naomi Cooper by Keith DeCristo

Exfiltrate by 1745GMT, Dinner by Eight - starring Kris "Tanto" Paronto

A Hollywood Scene Maker in Her Natural Habitat - starring Marisa Sullivan

The Great Eric Roberts in American Sharia - filmed in Detroit, MI

Portrait of the Rockstar with the Golden Voice

Flight instructor Hillary teaching a fellow aviator the fundamentals of thermal lift. 

Zac Efron's legendary smile - by Keith DeCristo 

TLC's DRAGNIFICENT! cast - season 1 finale - by Keith DeCristo 

The great Jon Hamm  in between takes in NYC - by Keith DeCristo

Artist In Residence: Gucci Westman for ELLE UK

I am Nate, Destroyer of Worlds - from LG's My Kitchen Needs Nate, Kansas City, KS March 2016

Daniel Cly IX (ThiDaniel) by Keith DeCristo

Omar Regan and Baba Ali from the movie American Sharia - by Keith DeCristo

Nadine Ramos, Lasio CEO by Keith DeCristo

Dean Cundey, ASC - at the American Society of Cinematographers Clubhouse in Hollywood, CA - by Keith DeCristo

Sophie Turner gibing her best "Blue Steel" at the SAG awards - by Keith DeCristo

A real housewife in New Jersey - Teresa Giudice by Keith DeCristo

The SceneMaker - starring Marisa Sullivan

Tony and Donny are stranded in Fiji - by Keith DeCristo

"Dick Missle and Ponch stranded in Fiji" - by Keith DeCristo

Andy can teach you how to fish. You have no idea - by Keith DeCristo

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