I’m a multi-disciplined, Gen-x image maker who parlayed an in-house, (Los Angeles) childhood darkroom into a professional career serving the photography, film and television industry in New York City, where  I travel most often by motorbike from one gig to the next- and to the last remaining film labs in Manhattan.

My images originate exclusively on film or digital negative before I bring them into Adobe Photoshop and Luminar 4, which I use exclusively for turning concepts into moodboards, bad hair into best-damn-hair-day-ever, or jeans and t-shirt into a head-turning, black cocktail dress that kills, in record time and under-budget. Call me.
The Grocery Getter.
Central Park West, near 81st 
Chicken Dinner.
you will find me one part technical guru and one part hyper-collaborator. When I’m behind the camera, my prime directive is to find the one shot that best matches the scene- with the story. As an editor, my eye for composition, ear for music and my awareness of emotional overtones converge in a cerebral, ethereal, and alchemical workflow that produces AMAZING ad campaigns, movie trailers, mini-docs, short films, music videos,  sizzle reels. Your branded content will connect with your audience with a rhythm and flow that feels visceral, emotional and alive.
If you are a producer with a project, director with a vision, writer with a story, model with a look, or an artist with a soul, then we should talk, especially if-
you are a left-brain math fetishist, and you require assurances that my production package, technical knowledge, and project management are in lock-step with industry best practices..
Say no more, I totally get it.
Let’s grab a double-espresso so we can geek out on image sensor technology, the benefits of high standards, and the atomic structure of every detail.  At the end of our meeting, we will have identified potential risks that I will mitigate with well-placed efficiencies, fast-acting contingencies, and good old-fashioned logical thinking-  
of which, I am a master practitioner.
On the other hand, 
Maybe you are a right-brained creative, and nothing is more boring to you than image sensor technology, to which your eyes have already begun to roll and your focus has shifted from this conversation to lunch at the place by the thing.
Say no more, I totally get it. 
Let’s grab a cup of herbal tea so we can bliss out on creative consciousness, high-concept, the metaphysical universe, and the glaring similarities between a successful ad campaign and a true work of art. At the end of our meeting, we’ll have compiled a set of ideas listed in order of the most beautiful, and once our project has wrapped-
Whatever we create will be a thing to be beheld, and will prove without question that anything is possible when the right creatives coalesce on a concept without compromise-   of which, I am a master practitioner.
Selfie at a New York City Industry Party, circa 2009
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